Low housing inventory got you down? Tune in to find out how pocket listings are a game changer!
By thecinquinigroup1-chime-me October 28, 2019

What if I told you that you’re missing out on 10% of all the homes that are for sale in Orange County?  They’re not in the Zillow app, Redfin Shmedfin…they’ve got nothing for you that isn’t in the good old Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
Statistics show that 10% of all homes sold in 2017 sold off market, meaning they never hit the MLS, so your handy dandy smartphone kept you in total darkness on what could have been the home of your dreams.

Meanwhile, Buyers are swooping up that dream home right out from under your nose.
So, what can you do to find a “pocket listing”, cut out the competition and the bidding wars, and secure your very own stealthy dream home?

  1. Tap into your agent’s network. (assuming they have one….might not be a bad question to ask when you’re interviewing for representation, huh?).  Agents network within their own firms, at broker preview meetings, at industry meetings and via affiliate relationships.  If you get a blank stare when you ask your agent how they network with other agents to find off market opportunities, it might be time to reevaluate.  Just sayin.’
  2. Work with a Douglas Elliman agent.  Shameless plug, I know.  But, seriously guys, our technology is second to NONE.  Utilizing our internal “HUB”, agents from any Elliman office can enter their buyer’s needs and/or a pocket listing into the system.  Point, click and you’ve got the eHarmony of home shopping.  Let us demo this for you live.  It’ll blow your damn mind.
  3. Active buyer prospecting.  Let’s say you have your heart set on a neighborhood.  First things first, we’ll take a look at any active listings in the area and tap into our agent relationships to sniff out any coming soon opportunities.  If that doesn’t work, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get into the trenches with you.  Whether it’s sending a letter out to the neighborhood, circle dialing with our super secret Batphone that provides us with home owner phone data, researching previously listed homes that never sold, or knocking on doors to find out who might be thinking of selling, we’ll stop at nothing to make your location dreams come true.



Curious about what we’ve got in our pocket?  Give us a call or text anytime to find out @ 949.633.0006.

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