Why settle for catfish when there are marlin out there?
By thecinquinigroup1-chime-me October 28, 2019

Dear For Sale By Owner,

First, let me say, I commend your efforts. You’ve done your homework, studied the tides, and cast your line into the great big sea of home buyers in this wildly hot seller’s market. There’s just one thing you didn’t account for when you hit that For Sale By Owner “post” button on Zillow (or Craigslist…eek). You’re about to be catfished in the worst, most time wasting way.

If you haven’t brushed up on your Urban Dictionary lingo lately, a catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not on social media or other outlets, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

For the purposes of this exercise, we’ll define the Realtor who calls you and says they have an AMAZING, all CASH, QUICK close buyer who is perfect for your home before they’ve even SEEN it as the “fisherman.” This too-good-to-be-true buyer, my friends, is the “catfish.” The bait and switch for the fisherman to get through your front door and solicit your listing.

Don’t get me wrong. There are many, many qualified buyers out there. And, by and large, said buyers are working with a local agent to identify prospective properties. Now, I’m about to make a pretty sweeping generalization here, but hear me out.

The average agent just isn’t very creative. They aren’t quite sure how to approach you with their buyer (will they want to pay me…gasp??), so they pass over you and go for what they know…the good old MLS, agent-to-agent transaction that guarantees a paycheck with no outside the box thinking whatsoever.

The agents calling you are trolling for your listing.  A generalization?  Yes.  Grounded in the honest to goodness truth?


We dare to be a little different at The Cinquini Group .  First and foremost, we have a team of buyer’s agents working with our database of over 4,000 Orange County home buyers daily.  But, today’s tight inventory, sizzling hot seller’s market can be enough to deter said buyers from even dipping their toe in the water.  So, we give them a little bait the rest of the fish pond isn’t going after. Your off market, For-Sale-By-Owner fish food.  If we can architect a deal that nets you your magic number and secures our client a great home they might have otherwise overlooked, it’s a winning game.

On occasion, we (The Cinquini Group + you) click and you want to hire us to take this whole stinky bait tank off your boat. And, we’re happy do that too. Recently, we met with a savvy For Sale By Owner seller to preview his home for a few buyer clients. Even though he had a broker’s license of his own, he was sick and tired of all the time wasting catfish in the sea. So, we signed his listing, had his property on the market in 48 hours, and presented 6 offers less than a week later.

We closed this deal today with an ACTUAL cash buyer paying $40,000 over the most recent comparable sale and netting the Seller more than he’d have “net” on his own.

My question to you is, why settle for catfish when there’s a marlin in the water?




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