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By thecinquinigroup1-chime-me October 28, 2019

A Better Experience.

Once in a great while someone says something that makes the lights turn on.  The kind of thing that is so big it becomes woven into the fabric of your daily habits, your big picture, your strategies, your tactics, your why, your EVERYTHING.
For me, it happened last summer when over 4,000 Realtors from around the world converged in Las Vegas (a terrifying thought, I know) to get our annual fix of marketing, mindset and industry forecasts.  The event, hosted by top real estate coach Tom Ferry, is motivation and information dense.  But, the single most poignant, newsworthy, AHA moment for me was just 4 simple words:

“It’s about the EXPERIENCE.”

Not flash.  Not gimmicks.  Not product.  Not even price.  What matters MOST in today’s “experience economy” is ease, fluidity, anticipating points of pain and eliminating them.

Think about the GIF’s of moms roaming the aisles of Target with glee.  Or, the magic of needing something, clicking on it and having it arrive on your doorstep the SAME DAY from Amazon (if something takes more than 3 days to arrive from Amazon, I assume they are making it from scratch somewhere.  For real).  And, don’t even get me started on Disneyland or the feeling of opening up a new Apple device.

So, with the backdrop of some of these experience masters in mind, your home buying and selling EXPERIENCE has become the thread that runs through every single thing we do at The Cinquini Group.
How did we make you feel?  What were your fears? What did we do to support you, hold your hand, talk you off the ledge, or boost your morale when you felt like throwing in the towel?  How did we do to anticipate your needs?  What could have done better to eliminate the points of pain?  How do we up our game and provide a concierge level of service?

At my core, I believe the consumer deserves a better real estate experience.  The world is changing faster than we can change with it. But, that doesn’t mean we should keep doing what we’ve always done. I could really geek out here, because innovating and continuously bettering your experience is what I’m all about.  But for now, I’ll leave this 2-minute clip with you from a few of the amazing clients we’ve had the privilege of helping.  Their experiences are everything to us.


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